How to deploy a Laravel project to a subdomain on a shared host for cPanel

Create subdomain on cPanel

First thing you will need to create new subdomain your cPanel, go to you cPanel account select subdomains section

Subdomains in cPanel

Fill your desired subdomain i.e., and your desired path where you will host your Laravel project files i.e. if you wish to host your project files in test folder then you should use test/public in Document root field.

Add new subdomain in cPanel

Upload Laravel project to cPanel.

Go to you Laravel project on you local machine, zip you Laravel project, use file manager to open root folder of your Laravel project, upload the zipped file to your Laravel root folder i.e. /home/test.

After that unzip the file to the root path of Laravel project, the root of Laravel project should now something like below screenshot.

Laravel project structure on cPanel.

Export/Import database.

You will need to go to your local host phpmyadmin > your project database and use the export option there.

Export SQL file in phpmyadmin

After that you should go to your cPanel > MySQL Database Wizard, follow the steps to create your database and your database user.

Now go back to your file manger in cPanel open your project root, edit .env file.

Edit Laravel .env file.

Your should update these values, DB_DATABASE, DB_USERNAME, DB_PASSWORD, you should know these values from previous step.

Update Laravel .env file.

Now you should be able to visit your subdomain i.e.


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